Learning Labs

The Science Lab

A Next Generation Science Standards-based (NGSS), kinesthetic experience designed to make learning engaging and fun. Students investigate concepts in Earth and Space, Life and Physical Science.

The Technology Lab

A Computer Science Standards-based exploration of Coding, Computer Programming, Computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D Printing.  The Lab also integrates Design Thinking Processes, Prototyping Media and Programmable Robotic systems.

The Engineering Lab

Provides students with the opportunity to exercise critical thinking and creative problem solving, while learning to work effectively as a cohesive team.  Students gain practical experience of civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical and structural engineering concepts.

The Mathematics Lab

A foundation to success in higher level math concepts is developed by expanding a student’s mathematical confidence and willingness to persevere. This lab is designed to tap into every child’s potential to excel in math by creating rich educational environments that nurture a student’s interest and excitement in learning.  Children explore relationships between the four basic operations and develop both computational and math fact fluency.